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To do list :

Posted in Personal by justaroundme on June 3, 2010

1. To win love:
Bonding time with my niece.We have plans to go to the Beasant Nagar beach,to build castles in the sand,to read stories,to eat ice-creams daily,to solve puzzles and most importantly to break the rules set by my sister.She is still working on the list.When I asked her what she want,she said “get whatever you like “..aww.I don’t want her to grow up this fast and I simply expected her to give me the list of things like pink pencil box,pink dress,pink bag.Also,make her understand that I am part of her family and I am not D-O-R-A.

2.To win a (foreseeing) war:
About 2 months back, I was reading about the process of making pattu sarees.”Be kind to all the living creatures” (!?) being the prime motto of my life – decided to give-up silk sarees and announced my decision to all the family members (now in the blog) through phone, email, orkut, facebook etc etc.Now,to test my determination, have a major family wedding and mother is not approving any of my “other” suggested options.A typical South Indian wedding without pattu saree and all the bling bling is a complete no-no.Life full of challenges,I say 😳

3.Make less damage:
Have 2 brats waiting for me.A Pomeranian and a lab.I also like to believe that they do miss me but my mother swears that she never saw any signs like that(?).Me being deprived of everything about dogs their touch,licks,noise,the joy and the trouble they bring, I am simply ready to indulge them to any extent beyond imagination.Which means a riot inside the house.While we are in the topic about dogs ,I once landed on her blog and I am greatly impressed by her work.Dog lovers,please take a look…

So,as I will be away for a while winning love and a war,you all enjoy life and promise that you will not forget me.Catch you all soon..