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Today:For Literacy

Posted in ASHA, Society by justaroundme on September 8, 2010

September 8th – International Literacy Day..do you know that ? I did not, until 30 minutes ago.Wish the media could give some more attention to such important days which,  I feel is the need of the hour than any other special days (mostly hyped up for commercial purposes to sell sweet little teddy bears and extra creamy dark chocolates).

If every child born in this world is assured to have a concrete education irrespective of its economic background – will this world not be a better place  to live ?.That is the hope of all the activists and volunteers who work for this cause to take education to the bottom level.There are number of organizations and plethora of projects that need our support both in terms of time and funding.

Few months ago I got associated with “ASHA for education” to give my time , I was enthralled by the volunteers who diligently work to make a difference. Though I could not give my time as I thought , I am still part of their group and still learning from the wonderful spirited souls.So, on this International Literacy day I urge you to Work an Hour for children’s  education.

An hour’s worth of your salary can touch and change a child’s future.Please spread the word. Thank you.

Source:Work an Hour

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