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September Blog Carnival: Say it with flowers na!

Posted in Personal by justaroundme on September 19, 2010

Iniyaal’s  Art,Beauty and Society is one of the blogs that I follow very regularly for her wonderful crafty posts.Also,one other important thing that attracts me to her blog is – I am guessing she is from, somewhere close to my native town. Pollachi ?..I love her “Country Side” posts for the kind of familiarity I share.So,when I came to know about The Key Bunch’sSeptember Blog Carnival: Say it with flowers na! event through her ,thought I will take it up. And “The Key Bunch” already added to my list of design blogs “to visit” very often!

I remember vividly the day we moved in to the house where my parents are living right now.The huge empty front yard with black soil became my mother’s playground for the next few years that followed.She would stop at every nursery she came across and wanted all kinds of plants and trees around her.Her green thumb was tested many times and that did not dither her in any way.Finally,she was successful in turning the empty yard in to a blossoming ground of variety of flowers and fruits.

But the sad part being after 18 years or so, with the expansion of the house and for all other reasons the big front yard has shrunk to a very little space.But this one little plant has resiliently survived all changes and time.It is the Pavalamalli plant (Night Flowering Jasmine).

Night Flowering Jasmine

I am emotionally connected to this plant,though I have never tended it.I feel it talks to me whenever I go near the plant.It says something to me through its strong pungent smell.

The flowers don’t wait for the sun,they blossom at the dusk and thus the name “Night-Flowering Jasmine”.The smell of the flowers is so strong that either one would hate it or love it…When I was in my school/college, on every Saturday morning, I remember collecting the flowers patiently one by one from the ground for making one big garland along with my grand mother.We both being the unsuspecting devotees at that time,would take the garland to the near by temple.It was more like a bonding time with my grand mother….

Fallen flowers on the ground

I am very much overwhelmed by the impact of “time”.I am noticing that, I have very little around me to remind my childhood and the care free days – all withering to become only part of my memory.As time induces constant change in our life we lose some and gain some.And I hope the fragrance of pavalamalli lingers for a long time…

Roses in the garden…

Fresh shenbagam and Pavalamalli

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Today:For Literacy

Posted in ASHA, Society by justaroundme on September 8, 2010

September 8th – International Literacy Day..do you know that ? I did not, until 30 minutes ago.Wish the media could give some more attention to such important days which,  I feel is the need of the hour than any other special days (mostly hyped up for commercial purposes to sell sweet little teddy bears and extra creamy dark chocolates).

If every child born in this world is assured to have a concrete education irrespective of its economic background – will this world not be a better place  to live ?.That is the hope of all the activists and volunteers who work for this cause to take education to the bottom level.There are number of organizations and plethora of projects that need our support both in terms of time and funding.

Few months ago I got associated with “ASHA for education” to give my time , I was enthralled by the volunteers who diligently work to make a difference. Though I could not give my time as I thought , I am still part of their group and still learning from the wonderful spirited souls.So, on this International Literacy day I urge you to Work an Hour for children’s  education.

An hour’s worth of your salary can touch and change a child’s future.Please spread the word. Thank you.

Source:Work an Hour

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Movie Talk…

Posted in Experience by justaroundme on August 20, 2010

I have long-forgotten to see (Indian) movies also as an ART form.In recent years, movies targeting “the youth” have become stale,redundant and noisy.In the end, I would definitely have to swallow a headache pill.As I no more fall under the “youth” bracket,I have to do an extended search in different languages beyond my comfortable boundary to quench my thirst for a “GOOD” movie.

I like movies centered around the woman character and I like stories that projects the power and inner beauty of women in a subtle manner.I like movies with deep intense characters…

The particular Bengali movie that I watched called – “Shob Charitro Kalponik”, was a very refreshing treat.I simply chose to watch this without any expectations (that works great sometimes).And of course the poster of the movie showing the beautiful Bipasha Basu with a big bindi and an artistic motif on her eyebrows did lure me.

I have read and heard stories that explains the distance between a poet’s imaginary plane and the practical world.The director(Rituparno Gosh) has well pictured the (modern) life of a whimsical poet:his joy,his pride,his ecstasy,his success and his defeat.

Bipasa as Radhika, a contemporary wife of a poet : her insecurities,her love,her hate all perfectly penned and crafted.When she discovers about her husband’s contradicting other side,his love for her and his sensitivity through his poems, is a riveting and surreal journey to herself and to the viewers as well.
The best part of the story is that-it shows death as a beginning!.The cinematographer has done a great job by keeping every single frame in the movie very simple,sharp and clear.

The overall experience I had after watching this movie is ineffable.The soft,yet complex melancholic tune of the movie still lingers in my heart and would never want it to fade away.

I would simply put it straight – craving for a good Indian movie ?.Watch Shob Charitro Palkonik as (my) words would not do justice to this beautiful piece of ART.

Any escape…?

Posted in Personal, Random by justaroundme on August 4, 2010

Zillion thoughts emerge within the flash of a second. Some are realizations about self, some are about others. Few help to take a deep dive further within the thoughts and out of which would spring another million thoughts. Some are more profound, some are as trivial as a mustard. The profound thoughts would further take you on an intellectual journey– a voyage to a celestial destination. Marveled at the serendipity – search begins and you search further within and finally end up in the labyrinth of thoughts with no escape…..

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Silence, very daunting

Posted in Random by justaroundme on July 29, 2010

My trips to India had always been only for 2 or 3 weeks,but this time I stayed little longer and savored every extra day I got to spend in my room,with my niece and with the family.And so it would take double the number of days (of actual stay in India) to come out of the “vacation mode” and the Indian-ness,I guess.Now that, I am settling in to the routine,something is nagging deep inside me,something that I am not able get it out of my mind.

I am no more hearing – the early morning Kandhar Shasti Kavasam* from the nearby temple,the milk man ringing his bicycle, the throbbing of the train-engine from the near by railway track,dogs barking noise at the sight of a squirrel, the garbage-pickup man who alerts his arrival by banging the truck as noisily as he could, the school auto rickshaw making a strong landing with continuous honking, which would even startle the adults and will make you run to the door to see if something is wrong  and then the kids chattering loud, screaming,yelling from the near by park….

After living amidst among these blaring noises and then I come here – the silence is what hits me first and only later I miss mom,dad and all others.Those daily clamors are kind of music to the ears.However,a late realization.

And Why, why is that I search for silence in a noisy world and noise/music in this part of (silent) world.Is there a place that strikes a balance between these 2 worlds or will this human soul be ever happy and content with the “present moment” ……… SIGH

Kandhar Shasti Kavasam : Is a spiritual music album,quite famous primarily among Lord Muruga devotees.

To do list :

Posted in Personal by justaroundme on June 3, 2010

1. To win love:
Bonding time with my niece.We have plans to go to the Beasant Nagar beach,to build castles in the sand,to read stories,to eat ice-creams daily,to solve puzzles and most importantly to break the rules set by my sister.She is still working on the list.When I asked her what she want,she said “get whatever you like “..aww.I don’t want her to grow up this fast and I simply expected her to give me the list of things like pink pencil box,pink dress,pink bag.Also,make her understand that I am part of her family and I am not D-O-R-A.

2.To win a (foreseeing) war:
About 2 months back, I was reading about the process of making pattu sarees.”Be kind to all the living creatures” (!?) being the prime motto of my life – decided to give-up silk sarees and announced my decision to all the family members (now in the blog) through phone, email, orkut, facebook etc etc.Now,to test my determination, have a major family wedding and mother is not approving any of my “other” suggested options.A typical South Indian wedding without pattu saree and all the bling bling is a complete no-no.Life full of challenges,I say 😳

3.Make less damage:
Have 2 brats waiting for me.A Pomeranian and a lab.I also like to believe that they do miss me but my mother swears that she never saw any signs like that(?).Me being deprived of everything about dogs their touch,licks,noise,the joy and the trouble they bring, I am simply ready to indulge them to any extent beyond imagination.Which means a riot inside the house.While we are in the topic about dogs ,I once landed on her blog and I am greatly impressed by her work.Dog lovers,please take a look…

So,as I will be away for a while winning love and a war,you all enjoy life and promise that you will not forget me.Catch you all soon..

Masala talk:Movies,politics and whatever!

Posted in Random by justaroundme on May 13, 2010

Note:Thank you very much to all,who inquired about my absence.I am touched!.

1. All of a sudden, I got very conscious about my online identity.And was thinking – why should i blog in my pseudo name, Why not with my real name, why am i afraid and what is stopping me.Why is this anonymity feels more comfortable than the real identity.

2. Waiting for movie Ravanan (Tamil) and Ravana(Hindi) to release.Not an Ash fan,but a die-hard fan of Vikram.I am sure, he is not going to disappoint his fans.

3. Mani Ratnam,I am thinking more about him and his characters.Wish i could meet some of his profound characters in real life too.The Madhavan and Simran character of  Kannathil Muthamittal.The Mike character of Ayutha Ehuthu – a young and an idealistic man with profound thoughts.I am romanticizing this dream – the youth changing the face of Indian politics.The dream will come true, but I want to be alive during that time.

4. Another thought in the same line of politics.Have you ever thought about joining politics?.The youth stay away from politics because of sheer disgust and it is never even discussed as a career option.How confident are you about the state of future politics in India ?Wish I could have born during the time of Kamarajar, is it ever possible for Tamil Nadu to get such a politician again?. And I am simply sick of Karunanidhi.

5. The supreme court has quashed all the criminal cases filed against actress Khusboo for her remarks on pre-martial sex.This is a very late news,I saw this interview.She says a reporter could be DUMB,way to go lady.I simply loved watching it.Note:The interview is a mix of Tamil and English.

6. On my way to work this morning,I heard this episode in NPR.If an IIM aspiring guy is talking about the “certain limits/boundaries” for women and not getting the concept of giving his sister, the equal right to choose her own friends and simply holding on to the old patriarchal values, who will get the idea then?Don’t you think something is terribly missing here ?

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How was yours… ?

Posted in Enthused, Society by justaroundme on April 14, 2010

When my parents had to choose a school for their daughters their main criteria s were ..

1. Easy commute to the school

2. Affordable school fee.

3. The school to have classes from kindergarten to high school – They didn’t want to handle any admission hassles for next 14 years once they enrolled us in to the kindergarten.

(Reasonable,I think)

And I ask them – “Any expectations you had for the school,that will shape/direct your daughter’s character and future”

They said – “We just wanted you to score well to get in to a good college and a finally a good job,marry and get settled” !!

How naive ,I say ???!!

At school,as per my observation,there were 3 different groups of students in a class.One ,the “elite group” – very bright and intelligent students,toppers in the class.The second group – the bottom level.Teachers attended the “elite” group because, if the students scored well in the state level exams,the school would ultimately get the fame and name.The second group got the attention for all obvious reasons because,they were not performing according to the set standards.This group’s interests were rarely discovered and accepted.
Third group – less attended group,(average)students who were in between the above 2 groups.Realistically,majority of the class would fall to this group.I belonged to this group both in school and in college.And I feel that the students in this 3rd group mostly thrive on their own with little help from the teachers and lack a sense of direction.Lot of potential goes untapped!.

During our school life not even at one single point,there was any kind of evaluation to check,how we as future citizens have evolved to face the life outside the school campus.Throughout,students were judged based only on Physics,Chemistry and Math scores.ART was neither a major part of the curriculum nor encouraged.In India,sadly,this holds true even now…

Finally,when I had to face the world all by myself – it was overwhelming.Honestly,I didn’t have the self-confidence (still don’t,at times!!).I felt that the boundary between student world and “real” world was strong and thick.It took some time to realize that the real world is more confusing,chaotic and has conflicting ideas.

But now,change is coming or rather slowly.Kiran Bir Sethi – founder of Riverside School,Ahmedabad says kids should take charge and that children should play a role in the community.

I am inspired and wish that her good work becomes contagious.

Now,tell me how was your schooling and how it helped you to evolve  as a person(who you are now) and what did it(the system) fail to instill in you?Also how did you choose (or planning to choose) the school for you kid(s),What are your main expectations from the school and from the system as such.

Note:1.This post is definitely not to find fault with my parents or with my teachers.I am concerned about the grand-old “system” and its functioning.After all ,my parents and my teachers were themselves the victims of the system!.
2.Anyone from Ahmedabad,your thoughts on the Riverside School (if any).

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Weekend that went by….

Posted in Personal by justaroundme on April 5, 2010



1. To make perfect Kathirikka puli kolambu (brinjal gravy with tamarind water) which was OK (my cooking skills for another post)

2. Was playing with GIMP and my point and shoot…got this what do you say ?

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State of Happiness…

Posted in Enthused by justaroundme on March 30, 2010

Recently,I have been reading about self-healing,yoga,chakras in the human body and Reiki.The below lines are the ideals of Reiki,which tells to focus for just one day-today.How simple ?

The secret art of inviting happiness
The miraculous medicine of all diseases
Just for today, do not anger
Do not worry and be filled with gratitude
Devote yourself to your work. Be kind to people.
Every morning and evening, join your hands in prayer.
Pray these words to your heart
and chant these words with your mouth

Anyone here,who have had any kind of experience with Reiki ? Please share,love to hear from you.

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