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Into the wild…

Posted in Experience, Personal by justaroundme on November 18, 2010

Have you seen this insurance ad.The kid asked to ride her bicycle in a space barely bigger than her cycle.It is funny.

How much space do we get in our life.At times, I do feel that I am duped like that little girl.I look bewildered in need of more space and more movement.The soul within us begs to set it free.It wants to wander across mountains,deep oceans.It wants to travel like a gypsy beyond the geographical boundaries to get the feel of freedom.It weeps silently wanting to follow its passion without any fear of the future.Sometimes, it simply wants to stop right there and be idle.It doesn’t want to move any forward.Other times,it pleads to voice strong opinions.

But in reality,we can function only within the confined space of our family, our culture, the country we make it as our “home”, the laws (the immigration rules for immigrants !), our relationships, our abilities, our knowledge,our religion, our commitments.

These invisible strings make people to stay in jobs that they don’t like, tolerate unhealthy relationships,endure lonely turbulence within but simply carry on for the sake of the outside world.Oh poor soul, how do I set you free with no physical dimensions and boundaries.

Am I making sense.NO?.Never mind !!…

Hey do catch this ad.The boy looks cute,ha his face expression is priceless!!!

And have you watched the movie …”Into the wild”…if not,please please do.It is deep, intense and serious but quite an experience.

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Joy without sorrow ?

Posted in Personal by justaroundme on December 10, 2009

I simply want to be happy this exact moment, this day which I yearned to have, to see and to feel.Want to embrace this moment with ecstasy, joy and tears,without any questions/apprehensions in mind that arise because of past experiences and prejudice. Simply want to spread the joy and everything around looks promising.Never in future I would want to look back and feel sorry for myself or regret for being happy at this moment…?

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