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Posted in Personal by justaroundme on May 23, 2011

A typical Monday at work, don’t know what to do.Honestly, am not interested in anything.I am bored and restless because of the rut life I am into. To me, not knowing what to do at work is far more discomforting than not knowing what to do in LIFE.

A “regular” (dull) Monday is far more excruciating than any other days; the reason being, the high amount of drama that goes in reaching office on a Monday morning after being languid for whole 48 hours.I start my sulking by late Sunday evening and get depressed for staying inside the building behind a desk for 8 long hours the next day.After snoozing the alarm for about 17 times, finally getting time to shower, for breakfast, then cursing the traffic and reaching the desk on time; you see the general “rush” feeling on a Monday is something I abhor.

I start the day by browsing the news, scan my work and personal emails in all different accounts with drowsy eyes and by 9.00 am I get restless because there is nothing “exciting”.I like to attend only to urgent things on a Monday morning.Anything that is not on a fire can wait, at least there should be some pressing need to deserve the Monday drama…

My stomach would show that its ready for lunch by making rumbling noises around 10.30 am.But I cannot go its still breakfast time, people would still be standing in line to get their morning muffins !!.So to kill my time, I try to remember every little details of my weekend and wonder how exciting it was, yet by doing nothing and day-dream about me becoming one chirpy woman who make my life by following my “passion”…and then the inevitable question that my sane mind never fails to ask, “what is your passion ?”….

Then once again I would become the victim of my urge to check for any personal email, which can pop up any moment is my justification.So I check my emails one more time with the hope of reading an email from an old friend, but as expected only junk and bill remainders.Then I would go to the newly discovered complete narcissistic land called “Facebook”, at least there everybody has something exciting to say like “I like Deepika Padukone” and you can to see the “happening life” of your friends in pictures.The moment self-pity crawls in, I would log off and go for an early lunch by 11.15 am.

By late afternoon, am very much in terms with Monday and my life – oh, that same sane mind (again !!) would do its trick by reminding me the national unemployment average and how I should be grateful to have this job.I get life-changing questions  on a Monday like  “Am I going to be behind this desk for all my life ? “, “is this my true calling ?”, “am I passionate about what I am doing ?”; I postpone to find answers to those questions the next Monday.

Whenever I ask “How are you”  to my colleague on a Monday, who is close to his retirement always says “After all its Monday”.Now I get it .

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