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Movie Talk:Guzaarish

Posted in Experience by justaroundme on November 27, 2010

I watched Guzaarish.I read online that the movie is not doing good at the box-office.It is expected,I think.This movie is for selected audience, who have a thirst for an entertaining movie with decent story, good acting, soothing music but no item- numbers, unrealistic stunts or any cheesy jokes.

I thought Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai pair had a good chemistry in the movie Jodha Akbar and in Guzaarish too they make a good on-screen pair but Hrithik simply dominates.He dances with a feminine grace and that is beautiful to watch.Aishwarya Rai’s acting is good because it is subtle.Personally, I can take her overdone makeup but not her exaggerated acting.

I don’t want to reveal or write a review about the movie but to be precise it is clean, heart-warming, funny and touching.The screenplay and the dialogues does not overwhelm the viewer with tight over-sentimental or over-dramatic scenes in spite of the very sensitive storyline.Instead it is more about the endurance, positive energy and lighter side of the character played by Hrithik.

Is the movie running in your nearby theaters ?.Don’t have any second thoughts, go watch and just allow Ethan Mascarenhas to show his magic and mesmerize you.

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Masala talk:Movies,politics and whatever!

Posted in Random by justaroundme on May 13, 2010

Note:Thank you very much to all,who inquired about my absence.I am touched!.

1. All of a sudden, I got very conscious about my online identity.And was thinking – why should i blog in my pseudo name, Why not with my real name, why am i afraid and what is stopping me.Why is this anonymity feels more comfortable than the real identity.

2. Waiting for movie Ravanan (Tamil) and Ravana(Hindi) to release.Not an Ash fan,but a die-hard fan of Vikram.I am sure, he is not going to disappoint his fans.

3. Mani Ratnam,I am thinking more about him and his characters.Wish i could meet some of his profound characters in real life too.The Madhavan and Simran character of  Kannathil Muthamittal.The Mike character of Ayutha Ehuthu – a young and an idealistic man with profound thoughts.I am romanticizing this dream – the youth changing the face of Indian politics.The dream will come true, but I want to be alive during that time.

4. Another thought in the same line of politics.Have you ever thought about joining politics?.The youth stay away from politics because of sheer disgust and it is never even discussed as a career option.How confident are you about the state of future politics in India ?Wish I could have born during the time of Kamarajar, is it ever possible for Tamil Nadu to get such a politician again?. And I am simply sick of Karunanidhi.

5. The supreme court has quashed all the criminal cases filed against actress Khusboo for her remarks on pre-martial sex.This is a very late news,I saw this interview.She says a reporter could be DUMB,way to go lady.I simply loved watching it.Note:The interview is a mix of Tamil and English.

6. On my way to work this morning,I heard this episode in NPR.If an IIM aspiring guy is talking about the “certain limits/boundaries” for women and not getting the concept of giving his sister, the equal right to choose her own friends and simply holding on to the old patriarchal values, who will get the idea then?Don’t you think something is terribly missing here ?

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